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Shaker for 2plates MS300



MS300 Shaker for Microplates is high speed shaker with brushless DC motor and microprocessor controlled technique, specially for elisa plates and culture plates. It can hold 2pcs elisa plates(96/384wells), deep-well plates and cell culture plates(24/48/96wells).



1. LCD display system status and parameters.

2. Timer from 0 to 99h59min. 

3. Support 2 standard microplates and deep well plates.

4. Brushless DC motor, low noise, small interference, free maintenance. 

5. The built-in status indicator allows the user to quickly get the status of the device. 

6. Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function.

7. With special fixing way, install and disassemble the plates quickly, don't need the additional tool.

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 Time range 1min ~99h59min
 Shaking speed  200~2000rpm
 Orbit  2mm
 Speed step value  10rpm
With status indicator light Yes
Capacity 2pcs standard plates
 Power  45W
Power supply DC24V/2A
Dimension(mm) 294×200×107
Weight(kg) 3.8

Note: Please refer to the operation manual for the maximum speed of different kinds of plates.

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