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MTC3200 Mini Thermal Cycler is a compact, accurate and economical thermal cycler, designed to fit lab's basic thermal cycling needs. The operation of the thermal cycler is controlled by a 5-inch color touch screen. It has a capacity for 32x0.2ml tubes. The wells are arranged in a 4x8 format, allowing the block to accept strips of 8 as well as individual tubes. Excellent block uniformity ensures consistency sample to sample. Fast incubation function meets the experimental needs of denaturation, enzyme digestion / enzyme linkage, ELISA, etc. With a small footprint, the Mini Thermal Cycler will fit almost anywhere.


1. Capacity: 32x0.2ml tubes and 4x8 tube strips

2. Heating/cooling method: Peltier

3. 5-inch intuitive color touch screen—for easy programming of users.

4. 100 typical programs can be stored in memory and easily recalled.

5. The block heats and cools very quickly—at rates as fast as 4°C/sec.

6. The heated lid is self adjusting—the spring loaded platen in the lid comes firmly into contact with the tops of the tubes to prevent sample evaporation and condensation.

7. Temperature of heated lid can be changed or the heating function of the lid can be turned off.

8. After a run, samples can be held at 4°C.

9. An on-screen report is available at the completion of a run.

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Capacity 32x0.2ml tubes, 4x8 tube strips
Temp. setting range 0℃~100℃
Temp. control range 4℃~100℃
Temp. accuracy/uniformity ≤±0.25℃/≤±0.25℃
Max. heating rate 4℃/sec
Max. cooling rate 2℃/sec
Heated lid temperature RT.+5℃~110℃, user adjustable
Temp. display resolution 0.1℃
Temp. control Simulated sample or block
Display 5-inch color touch screen, 800x480 Pixel
Communication interface USB(1 port)
Program memory 100 programs
Time increments/decrements 1~120s
Temp. increments/decrements 0.1~9.9℃
Storage at 4℃ Yes
On-screen report  Yes
Power 200W
Voltage AC100~240V, 50-60Hz
Fuse 250V  3A  Ф5×20
Dimension(mm) 264x200x125
Weight 2.3

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