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Loop-mediated isothermal amplification technology is an emerging gene amplification technology and a new type of nucleic acid amplification method. Under the action of Bst DNA polymerase), 60~65℃ constant temperature amplification, 109 ~ 1010 times of nucleic acid amplification can be achieved in about 15-60 minutes. It has the characteristics of simple operation, strong specificity, and easy product detection.

The isothermal fluorescence amplification instrument is an isothermal fluorescence PCR instrument that combines isothermal amplification technology with fluorescence signal detection technology. The real-time monitoring of the amplification process can be realized, and it has the advantages of high temperature control accuracy, high sensitivity, and good repeatability. The instrument has a built-in humanized operating system, and uses advanced mathematical models for data processing and graphic drawing, which can automatically interpret the results. The equipment can be widely used in the diagnosis of clinical diseases, qualitative/quantitative detection of epidemic bacteria/viruses, sex identification of animal embryos, and development of gene chips.

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Temp. control range RT.+5℃~100℃
Timing range 0~99h59min
Max. heating rate 1℃/sec
Max. cooling rate 1℃/sec
Temp. uniformity ±0.15@37
Temp. control accuracy ±0.2@37
Heating lid Yes
Control method 5-inch color touch screen control
Capacity 0.2mlx8holes
Optical path 1-path
Fluorescence excitation wavelength 470nm±25nm
Result display information 1. Negative/Positive 2. Onset time 3. Melting Tm value
Readout way 1. Curve judgement 2.The instrument readout negative/positive automatically
Data export way 1-channel USB
Power supply AC110 or AC220V 50Hz
Dimension 264x200x125
Net weight 2.3kg

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