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Rocking Shaker RS200



RS200 Rocking Shaker is a table oscillator that can be directly placed in a greenhouse or incubator. It combines step motor and microcomputer technology. Adjustable tilt angle and precise digital speed control providing desired rocking motion. It is specially designed for 2D shaking of test tube, culture dish, cell culture plate and so on. Its ideal device for bio molecular hybridization and for staining/ destaining procedures in electrophoresis and homogenization.



1. LCD display for tilt angle, speed and time.

2. See-saw like motion.

3. Easy to adjust tilt angle(1~10°) and speed range(1~70rpm).

4. Electronic control allows simple tilt angle, speed and time adjustments while the unit is till running to achieve optimal mixing.

5. Step motor: noiseless, less interference and maintenance-free.

6. The dimpled mat prevents different size tubes from rolling around the platform.

7. Beep alarm when operation ends.

8. Compact designed, take up very little space.

9. Support 5 custom procedures, convenient for quick use.

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Speed range
Tilt angle 1~10° 
Time range
Platform dimension 188x248mm
Platform material Aluminum
Max. load 2.0kg
Power supply 35W
Voltage DC24V/2A
Dimension(mm) 294x254x128
Weight(kg) 2.8

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