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Vortex Mixer MIX2000



MIX2000 Vortex Mixer is a high efficiency benchtop mixer. It is used for mixing samples like tissues, cells, bacteria liquid and chemical reagents in life science, physical and chemical analysis fields. It is designed to meet most of the requirements of many lab users.



1. Touch operation or continous mode.

2. Variable speed control from 0 to 2800rpm.

3. Used for various mixing application with optional adaptors.

4. Accept a variety of test tubes, including the tubes up to 50ml.

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 Time range 1sec ~99min59sec/∞
 Speed range  0~2800rpm
 Mixing motion Orbital
 Orbit  3mm
Speed control mode Stepless speed regulation
 Run mode Touch operation/Continuous
Motor type Shaded pole motor
Power supply 60W
Voltage AC110 or 220V 50/60Hz
Dimension(mm) 197x135x156
Weight 3.4kg
    Name Description Remark
    Single-tube head For one tube Standard
    Foam block platform Used with foam block Standard
    Foam block A 4x29mm Standard
    Foam block B 8x15mm Standard
    Foam block C 24x10mm Standard
    Foam block D 37x8mm

    Note: Foam block platform and foam blocks are only suitable for multiple samples in touch mode mixing. 

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