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SH2000 Hybridization Instrument can be setting constant temperature, time and etc. Instead of manual operation experiment, the accuracy of experiment is higher and result is more reliable than traditional manual experiment. Hybridization and degeneration can be operated at same time, which reduces experimental procedure and improves efficiency and accuracy of operation.



1. This instrument is adopted FISH processing step, which can reduce a lot of manual operating time and avoid the damage of harmful reagent.

2. Full touch screen operation, friendly human interface.

3. Support restart functionality runs an unexpected power outage, when power is restored can be scheduled to automatically back up and running.

4. Supporting automatic cooling function after running over.

5. Supporting automatic warm-up function.

6. Platform high precision of temperature control, low fluctuation.

7. Can deal with 12 slides.

8. Support 105 custom programs stored functions.

9. Three operation modes: denaturation & hybridization, Hybridization, multiple-step operation.  

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 Temperature control range  RT+5℃ ~100℃
 Temperature set range  0℃~100℃
 Time range 1min ~ 99h59min
 Accuracy of temperature ≤ ±1℃
Uniformity temperature ≤ ±1℃
Temp uniformity ≤±0.3℃*
Heating time ≤2min(37℃ to 95℃)
Cooling time ≤6min(95℃ to 45℃)
Capacity 12Slides
Power 350W
Voltage AC220V or AC110V/50-60Hz
Fuse 250V 3A  Ф5×20
Dimension 440x220x120mm
Weight 4.5Kg

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