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TS200 Shaker for Microplates is with technique of direct brushless DC motor and PID intelligent temperature control. Mainly used for shaking and cultivation in elisa plates (96/384 wells), tissue culture plates (24/48/96 wells).



1. LCD displays system status and parameters.

2. Stable and reliable operation with high quality switch.

3. Easy to operate with one touch knob.

4. Set-up the time within 0~100hours, instrument will make alarm voice when completing.

5. With power recovery, instrument will be continuous to run when power recovers from outage.

6.12-month warranty.

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 Temperature  RT.+5 ℃ ~80 ℃ 
Time setting 1min ~ 99h59min
Shaking speed range 200~1600rpm
Accuracy of temperature ≤ ± 0.5 ℃
Display accuracy  0.1 ℃ 
Temperature uniformity ≤ ± 0.5 ℃ 
Heating time ≤10 min (From RT to 80℃)
 Capacity  2pcs micro plates or culture plates
 Heating  Heating film
 Power  150W
Voltage AC100V~240V
Dimension 280×270×140 mm
Weight 7.0Kg

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