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Orbial Shaker MPS-10



MPS-10 Orbital Shaker is a high speed shaker with brushless DC motor and microprocessor controlled technique. It can be applicable in different laboratories: in microbiology, biotechnology, medical analysis, etc.


1. LCD displays time and shaking speed.

2. Easy to operate with one-touch knob.

3. Warm root and variety of platforms can be chosen.

4. When time control ends, instrument will make alarm voice.

5. Gentle and reliable shaking with brushless DC motor.

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 Shaking speed  50~300rpm
 Orbit  10mm
 Time range 1min ~99h59min
Max.load capacity 2.5kg
Power 45W
Power supply AC110~240V 50/60Hz
Dimension(mm) 280×270×110(PP-1 platform)
Capacity 8pcs petri dish(PP-1 platform)
Capacity 6×100ml conical flask/4×250ml conical flask (PP-2 platform)
Capacity 12×100ml conical flask/6×250ml conical flask (PP-3 Platform)
Weight 7Kg
    Type Description
    PP-1 Flat platform for 8pcs petri dishes
    PP-2 Universal platform with adjustable bars, for 6×100ml or 4×250ml conical flask
    PP-3 Platform with clamps for 12×100ml or 6×250ml conical flask

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