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New product--Dry Bath Incubator
2018-11-15 15:47:47

New products--

 Dry Bath Incubator DH200

Pls refer to our website www.ruiwell.net http://www.ruiwell.net/product/73.html

The Features are as below:

1. LCD display, simple interface. Easy to set up and use. 

2. Blue transparent lid prevents samples splashing out.

3. Fast and uniform heating speed, accurate temperature control, high stability.

4. With four groups(A/B/C/D), each group timing individually.

5. Optional blocks are available for common laboratory tubes and plates. Custom blocks are also available upon request.

6. Automatic preheating function.

7. Auto resume to run after power failure.

8. Automatic running function.

9. Built-in temperature calibration function.

10. Built-in over-heating protection device, safe and reliable.


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