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Success in Analytica China (Oct.31-Nov.02)
2018-11-07 10:06:49

Success in Analytica China (Oct.31-Nov.02)

Hangzhou Ruicheng Insrument Co., Ltd. took part in Analytica China in Shanghai from Oct.31 to Nov. 02. In this exhibition, our products show and products quality attracts many clients and distributors. Through this exhibition, our cooperated clients were placing orders immediately for new products. We got high reputation for our good-quality products from our clients. 


In this exhibition, the products we showed were including:

Centrifuge: MC6000, MPC2800

Thermo Shaker: TCS10

Dry Bath Incubator: MiniBox, DH300, ES1000,DH200

Shaker for Microplates: MS100, TS300

Hybridization Instrument: SH2000

Multi-tube Vortexer: MS200

Semi-automated Plate Sealer: ASP1000

Biological Indicator Incubator: B80,Bit1000

Sample Concentrator: ND300-1, ND400

Bacti-cinerator Sterilizer: IS800-A, IS800-B

Our new-designed products Dry Bath Incubator DH200 and Orbital Shaker-Incubator TOS20 were getting good evaluation from visitors. We surely believe that through this exhibition, our company will be getting better and better.